• collaboRATE

     What is the CollaboRATE Survey?

    The CollaboRATE survey is one of the most important tools that you can use to provide your leader, your team and DPS as a whole with confidential feedback that will be used to help Team DPS grow and improve. Strong leaders need strong advice– use your voice to help support positive change and strengthen our efforts to ensure Every Child Succeeds! For more information on the survey, view the FAQs below.

    Why CollaboRATE?

    Each year, every educator (all employees) are asked to participate in the CollaboRATE survey. CollaboRATE allows each member of Team DPS to provide confidential feedback to both DPS and their leaders. This feedback is essential in helping individuals grow and become more effective leaders. The feedback we’ve received from CollaboRATE in the past has driven DPS-wide change, including the implementation of DPS Honors, our Wellness program and additional leadership development opportunities.

    2018-19 FAQs

    General FAQS

    • Contains information on the background and components of CollaboRATE, what's new this year, how to take the survey, and how to troubleshoot. Click here to view.

    Self-Identification FAQs

    • Contains information on the importance of self-identification questions, confidentiality, definitions and more. Click here to view.

    Leader FAQs

    • Contains information on how to support your team during CollaboRATE, tracking participation, results and more. Click here to view.