Student Perception Survey (SPS)

The Student Perception Survey represents the voice of the students. The SPS includes three categories of each teacher’s practice as perceived by their students:

  1. Facilitates Learning
  2. Supports Students
  3. Communicates High Expectations

Students take surveys for their teachers with the objective of ensuring they do not take more than 2-3 surveys and as many teachers as possible receive surveys from a representative population of their students.

Logistics & Timing:
The SPS is administered twice per year in late fall to students in grades 3-12.  There is a spring administration window in February for those that are hired late or were on leave in during the fall window. (all others teachers have a choice to opt-in for a second round knowing the scores aggregate with those from the fall)

ECE-2nd grade students do not participate in the SPS.

SPS Resources

The Student Perception Survey (SPS) provides teachers and school leaders with a unique perspective on teachers’ educational practice as experienced by students. Teachers and school leaders can utilize the SPS data to better understand students’ experiences, and then reflect on strengths and growth areas aligned to the SPS constructs, LEAP framework, and professionalism framework to improve practice and help every child succeed.

Additional resources to support your teachers on the SPS are also available in the LEAP handbook.

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