Terminal Operations

  • A terminal dispatcher passes the keys to a bus to a driver

    Transportation Services has two terminals that it uses to service the entire Denver Public School District. Between both terminals, Transportation Services has a fleet of 385 yellow buses with an average age of 11 years.

    Both Terminals serve as the start and end point for all of our drivers and paraprofessionals everyday.

    Hilltop Terminal

    The Hilltop Terminal is located north of 6th Avenue (or U.S. Route 6) and west of Interstate 25 in the Sun Valley neighborhood of Denver. Also housed at this location are Transportation Services' administrative offices, routing, training and recruiting. Located on the south side of West 7th Ave is the Fleet Maintenance division that services the Hilltop buses, as well as other DPS vehicles. 

    Hilltop Terminal Directions

  • Northeast Terminal

    The Northeast Terminal
    The Northeast Terminal is located on the northeast side of Northfield Blvd. in the heart of Northfield neighborhood. Sitting just north of Interstate 70, the Northeast Terminal also houses a Fleet Maintenance department, as well as offices for the Department of Safety. 

    Northeast Terminal Directions