DPS Fuel Code Program

  • The Fuel Code is issued for the purpose of allowing individuals to obtain fuel for DPS vehicles and equipment. If you have questions about the Fuel Code Program, please contact Fuel Code Administrator Linda Coulter at linda_coulter@dpsk12.net or (720) 423-4162.

    DPS Fuel Codes are the property of DPS and are to be used for DPS vehicles and equipment only. Neglect or abuse of the code can and will result in severe consequences. In the event that a code is shared, it may result in the code being deactivated.

    If you forget your code, please contact Fuel Code Administrator Linda Coulter.

     Below are some helpful links to information regarding fuel codes.

    Obtaining a Fuel Code

    Approved and Prohibited Uses of the Fuel Code

    Purchasing Review and Control of Purchases

    How to use the Fuel Code