1066 Form For Students With Disabilities

    About the 1066 Form

    Transportation Form 1066 is used to request transportation services for students in center-based programs, out-of-district facilities, and for students with 504 Plans. This form is a critical piece in more effectively helping students receive the transportation services they need to access schools and achieve academic success.


    Where to Find the Form

    All DPS schools and out-of-district facilities can access the digital form by following this link. You can also access the form via the Teacher Portal and Enrich website. Please use Google Chrome in incognito mode for optimal user experience. 

    What Resources are Available to Help with the Transition

    The following resources were developed to help users navigate the digital 1066 form by providing step-by-step guidance and addressing questions that may arise:

    Who to Contact with Questions

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the digital 1066 form, you can reach out to:

    • Your school’s Special Education Instructional Specialist (SEIS)
    • Your school’s Student Equity & Opportunity Office Support II (OSII)
    • Valerie Gomez Marnell, Supervisor of Office Support Team, DPS Exceptional Student Services


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