Certifications and Training Schedule

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    Currently, DPS averages around twelve new certifications and ten recertifications per month. Training happens monthly and can be done at either the Hilltop or Northeast Terminal.

    The Safety and Training team offers online MFSAB training classes to obtain a New Certification or a Re-Certification. New Certifications are for individuals who have not previously been trained or held a certification to drive an MFSAB and will also include a road test. Recertification is required for the following two years, after the initial certification. After three years of certification, an individual must complete the New Certification training again. Certifications are only good for one calendar year.

    Below are steps to get MFSAB certified or re-certified

    1. Obtain a valid Colorado Drivers License
    2. Email MFSABTraining@dpsk12.org to register for in-person and/or online training, and to acquire required documents (MVR and medical information form).
    3. Send a picture or scan a copy of your Colorado Driver's License to MFSABTraining@dpsk12.org.
    4. Send a screenshot or a copy of your completed mandatory reporting and student data privacy learning to MFSABTraining@dpsk12.org.
    5. In preparation for the CDE Small Vehicle/MFSAB test, view the rules and regulations

    Important Notes

    • Once DPS Transportation has recieved your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR), you have 30 days to be roadtested before your MVR must be re-submitted
    • No walk-ins for training will be accepted at this time.

    For in-person and first-time MFSAB training and certification, see the 2024 MFSAB Training Schedule below.

    MFSAB Training times. Inquire for more information


     MFSAB Training Survey/Feedback

    In order for us to continue to improve, we ask all participants to complete the online MFSAB Training Survey. To access the survey, click here.