• Changes to eligibility because of COVID-19

    Due to COVID-19 restraints, our buses will only have a 33% capacity. Unfortunately, this means many students who are accustomed to riding the bus will no longer be eligible. We made this decision based on the latest health guidelines provided to us by health officials. With the guiding lens of prioritizing our youngest and highest-needs learners, the following list outlines the types of students and schools who will be prioritized to receive transportation while current COVID-19 social-distancing guidelines remain in place:

    • Students legally entitled to transportation, such as those in special education or students experiencing homelessness.
    • TNLI and ELA Zone schools for TNLI zone and ELA students.
    • Intensive Tier elementary schools for all boundary students outside the walk zone.
    • Elementary schools at or above 70% free or reduced lunch for all boundary students outside the walk zone.


    The shuttle system is restructuring to be point-to-point transportation using enrollment zone requirements instead of a shuttle. Because of the switch to enrollment zones, elementary students who live within a mile of their school will not be eligible for transportation. Bus information will be available for parents as soon as possible in Infinite Campus and the Parent Portal. 


    The below information is mostly pre-COVID-19, though some aspects will be helpful during this time.

    In order to provide transportation resources to as many students as possible, we have developed several services to assist.

    Standard Route Transportation

    Standard route (Traditional) transportation is the service that provides stop-to-school-to-stop transportation on the yellow school bus. Elementary and middle school students that are routed to standard routes are done so using the eligibility requirements set forth by the School Board of Education’s Policy on transportation. Click above to find out more.

    Enrollment Zone Transportation

    Enrollment Zone Transportation is designed to provide students with safe and efficient access to quality schools in their community, while also supporting SchoolChoice. Click above to find out more.

    Success Express Shuttle

    The Success Express Shuttle system is designed to assist students to access quality education in their communities. Students that live and attend a school in the Far and the Near Northeast Regions are eligible for transportation. Click above to find out more.

    DPS RTD Bus Passes

    DPS RTD Bus Passes provide eligible high school students with access to quality education in their neighbor, as well as access to afterschool activities and athletics. Click above to find out more.


    CommuteDPS was designed to provide students, families and schools with safe biking, walking and commuting tips and techniques. Click above to find out more.

    Special Education Transportation

    Our goal is to ensure a safe and pleasant trip to and from school for all students. This will enhance the positive learning environment for each student on a daily basis. For  students  identified  for  special  education services, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) designation will determine if your child requires transportation. Click here to view the Special Education and McKiney Vento Transportation Quick Guide for Schools.

    English Language Acquisition Transportation

    When English language learners’ home schools do not provide English Language Acquisition (ELA) services, students are eligible to attend ELA zone schools to receive services. DPS Transportation will support this effort by providing service for transportation-eligible students, who elect ELA services, to the corresponding zone school.