Professional Development Units

  • What are Professional Development Units (PDUs)? 

    A Professional Development Unit (PDU) for Teachers and SSPs is designed to:

    • Improve instructional strategies
    • Increase knowledge and instruction in their discipline

    Visit Denver Public School’s Professional Learning Team site to learn more and register to participate in a PDU. 

    For the 2018-19 school year, Teachers and SSPs who complete PDUs will receive $855 annually. Teachers/SSPs who have fewer than 14 years of service (YOS) will receive payment as a base salary increase. Teachers/SSPs with more than 14 YOS receive payment as a bonus/lump sum.

    Years of service (YOS) refers to the years of full time teaching experience recognized by DPS which may include experience outside the Denver Public Schools. Years of service is different from Longevity, which includes service at DPS only.  If you have questions regarding your years of service, please contact HR Connect.

    Eligibility Guidelines

    • Only 1 PDU can be paid per School Year (SY)
    • Additional PDUs are banked for future payment (Sep 1st)
    • PDU Payment is prorated based on employee's current FTE at time of payment
    • Must be in ProComp and on active or paid leave status,
      • For the duration of the PDU (in order to receive ProComp PDU Bank credit where it will be scheduled for payment); and,
      • At the time of payment.

    PAYMENT: If no PDUs have been paid in the current school year, PDUs that have been marked as meeting all requirements for PDU credit between the 1st and the last day of the month will be paid on the second paycheck (the 22nd) of the following month.  The effective date of the salary increase (for employees with 14 years of service or less) will be the 1st of the month after receipt of the form and documents.  If you have received a PDU payment in the current school year, your completed PDU will be banked for future payment.  To view your PDU Bank, click on the Teacher PDU History.

    There is no limit on the number of PDUs that can be completed per year; however, only one PDU per year will be credited towards a salary increase. PDUs can be “banked” for payment in subsequent years. Please see the section on PDU Bank below for additional details. 

    ProComp Teachers and SSPs with 14 or fewer years of service that have not been paid a PDU in the current year will receive the salary increase effective after completion of the PDU. ProComp Teachers and SSPs with more than 14 years of service that have not been paid a PDU in the current year will receive a one-time bonus.

    Traditional teachers can apply to use PDU credits towards a lane change (10 PDUs equals one lane change). Traditional teachers must submit a Lane Change Request Form during the PDU timeframe only.

    DPS employees will receive 45 contact hours recognized by CDE for license renewals for each PDU completed.

    A completed grade must be documented by the PDU Coordinator to receive a PDU payment.  Please allow 30 days after PDU completion confirmation for the PDU to appear in your PDU Bank.  For questions regarding completion of the PDU, please contact or

    PDU Bank

    PDUs that are not paid during the contract year are "banked" for payment in subsequent years. Banked PDUs are paid out in the order received and will be paid at the beginning of the following school year in September as long as all eligibility requirements are met.  Salary increases for Banked PDUs will be effective on September 1st (check September 22nd pay stub), and one-time bonuses will be paid on the September 22nd paycheck.

    If a teacher does not complete a PDU in the required time period, the PDU will be considered "discontinued." Discontinued PDUs are not eligible for payment.

    Banked PDUs expire after 90 days of termination when a teacher permanently leaves the district due to resignation or retirement. If a teacher is non-renewed, the bank is discarded 90 days after the contract year ends (November 30th of the following contract year). Banked PDUs expire immediately when a teacher is terminated for cause. Expired PDUs are not eligible for payment.

    If you leave your ProComp DCTA role and stay employed by DPS, any banked PDUs will be placed on "hold" (Limbo State) until you return to a ProComp DCTA position. To view your PDU Bank, click on the Teacher PDU History.