Title I Incentive

  • Teachers and specialized service providers can earn a semi-monthly incentive of $83.33 for working at a school designated as Title I.

    How do I know if my school is designated Title I?

    Title I school designation is set by the district and is based on the percentage of students receiving free or reduced-price lunch (FRL). Some schools that do not meet FRL guidelines but still serve a Title I student population (ie: ECE or Pathways schools) are included in the district’s published Title I school list and eligible for Title I incentives. Federal Title I guidelines are located on the Federal Programs site. Eligibility for the incentive is subject to change annually if the school no longer meets the district’s Title I eligibility guidelines.


    2019-20 Title I School List 

    2020-21 Title I School List

    2020-21 Title I Charter School List


    Please review the detailed general eligibility guidelines for all incentives.