• Will DPS employees retain their private relationship with their chosen providers & facilities?

    Yes, DPS employees will continue to have their private relationship with their chosen providers & facilities.

  • Will DPS review and approve my medical procedures?

    No, Aetna & Kaiser will continue to review and approve all employee medical procedures.

  • Will DPS employees have different providers to choose from for their care?

    No, DPS employees will continue to utilize their preferred contracted providers with Aetna and Kaiser.

  • Does self-funding change how DPS employees currently pay their providers for their responsibility of their health care claims?

    No, self-funding only impacts the payment mechanism in how DPS pays Aetna & Kaiser for their responsibility on the employee’s claims.

  • How does self-funding our health plans benefit DPS Employees?

    Self-funding allows DPS flexibility in how they design their health plan options, and to help them improve the overall benefits offered to the DPS employees.

  • Do many employers like DPS use a self-funded model for their employee health plans?

    Yes, nationally, 86% of employers with over 5,000 employees utilize a self-funding model with their health plans.

  • Will DPS employees still have the Kaiser and Aetna plans offered to us?

    Yes, DPS will continue to offer the Aetna & Kaiser health plans with their customer service, to the DPS employees.