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    The DPS Skills program offers a variety of workshops designed to support all DPS team members. During these workshops, you will have the opportunity to focus on personal and professional development while sharing experiences with your teammates from across DPS.

  • Nov. 18: Bias 2.0

    Nov. 18: 9 - 11 a.m., Virtual Event on Zoom

    Implicit and explicit biases are impacting our relationships with others every minute of every day. This training is designed for individuals who have already participated in the Disrupting Bias workshop and are ready to do more advanced work in identifying and changing implicit biases. In this session, we will continue to build on the self-awareness tools and participants will have the opportunity to examine bias within themselves and the environment they live in. We will explore strategies to recognize and manage bias and everyone will leave with action steps to support their work with students and colleagues.

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  • Dec. 2: Micro-Aggressions

    Dec. 2: 9 - 11 a.m., Virtual Event on Zoom

    Micro-aggressions are subtle yet offensive comments or actions directed at a non-dominant group that are often unintentional and can unconsciously reinforce stereotypes. This workshop provides learners an opportunity to explore micro-aggressions at a deeper level through engaging discussions and activities, and provides tools to help you spot and counteract them in your everyday life.

    • Define micro-aggressions
    • Spot micro-aggressions and counteract them
    • Know the impact micro-aggressions can have on retention and culture at DPS
    • Implement strategies to minimize/eliminate the impact of micro-aggressions

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  • Dec. 8: Radical Self Care

    Dec. 8:  2:30 - 4:30 p.m., Virtual Event on Zoom

    Radical self-care is the awareness that in the absence of consistent strategies of self-care, eventual neglect may lead to a crisis in health, work, or family relations. In the case of a crisis or to prevent a crisis, an intervention of radical self-care is needed. This course helps participants work toward their personal wellness goals by becoming aware of how to create strategies and systems of self-care that fit the needs of each participant and prevent a radical self-care intervention.

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  • Dec. 16: LGBTQ+

    Dec. 16: 9 - 11 a.m., Virtual Event on Zoom

    In this session, participants will develop a basic understanding of LGBTQ+ identities, DPS policy and procedures, and work to create inclusion and allyship in virtual and in-person environments.

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  • DPS Skills for School-Based Staff

  • Supports Your Goals

    Participation in this program provides the tools and knowledge to help you achieve the following goals:

    LIFT and LEAD Goals:

    • Personal & Values 
    • Vision & Strategy 
    • Operational & Organizational
    • People & Culture
    • Community & Equity

    LEAP Framework

      • Learning Environment
      • Professionalism

      Participation in these workshops is a great way to demonstrate your on-going commitment to help us reach our vision: Every Child Succeeds!

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