• How do I login in to the MetLife website?

    For more information on registering your account, view these instructions. You can also call MetLife 24/7 if you need assistance.

  • Do I have to enroll in additional/optional life insurance for myself to enroll my spouse or kids?

    Yes, you must purchase voluntary coverage for yourself in order to purchase coverage for your spouse and/or dependents.

  • How do I add or change my life insurance beneficiaries?

    To update beneficiary information, go to MetLife MyBenefits Account Sign In - Beneficiary Designation

    *If you are retired:call MetLife first at 866-492-6983

  • Is the Will Preparation included with Basic Life and Supplemental Life Insurances?

    No, the will preparation service is only included when enrolled in the optional, supplemental life insurance coverage.

  • How do you submit a life insurance claim?

    To submit a claim, review the MetLife Life Insurance Claim Kit or contact Employee Services.

  • When can I change/update/drop supplemental benefits? When do they start?

    Supplemental Benefits include: Critical Illness, Accident, Hospital, and Legal Supplemental Insurance; Auto, Home and Pet Insurance; Life Insurance & Disability Insurance; and the Denver Teachers Club Voluntary Payroll Protection Plan & Assistance Fund.

    You can enroll or change supplemental benefits during the new hire and open enrollment periods. Some plans allow you to enroll anytime without a Qualifying Life Event. You can find enroll, change, and cancel information on thecommons.dpsk12.org/supplementalinsurance.

  • Do unused commuter funds rollover?

    Employees who remain employed by DPS are able to carry over unused amounts to future months for an indefinite period of time. Employees who terminate employment will forfeit any unused amounts; however, any qualified transportation expenses incurred prior to the employee’s date of termination are eligible expenses and can be reimbursed if submitted in a timely manner. COBRA does not apply to this benefit.

  • When will my commuter funds post to my account?

    Health Equity (WageWorks) funds will post 5-7 days after payday.

  • How do I file a claim for the Voluntary Payroll Protection Plan?

    If you are a member and you need to file a claim, please click here and print the form provided (or call 303-377-0222). Complete Sections A & B of the form and return it to their office via school or US mail. Remember, claim forms take four to six weeks to process.

  • Can I enroll in or cancel Critical Illness, Accident, or Hospital Indemnity at any time?

    You can only enroll in Critical Illness, Accident, or Hospital Indemnity during the Benefits Annual Open Enrollment period or as a new hire. You can cancel coverage at any time, with or without a qualifying life event.

  • Can I enroll in or cancel the Legal Plan at any time?

    You can only enroll in or cancel legal insurance during the Benefits Annual Open Enrollment period or as a new hire.