• We are not currently accepting bell time requests. We have already shared bell times with schools that will last while COVID-19 procedures are still in place.

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Start and End Bell Times

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    Every year a large number of schools consider adjusting or shifting start and end times to improve academic outcomes for our students. To effectively assess, review and provide feedback on your submittals, Transportation Services has established a timeline and prioritization methodology to guide approval decisions.

    The review and assessment process is designed to consider all requests based upon priority needs and available resources.

    In order to run an efficient and economical transportation system, school start and end times must give buses enough time to complete each route and proceed to the next school. All requests for service changes will be evaluated and prioritized to provide equity and ensure responsible use of resources using the criteria shown below.

    In order to assist you in your submission, we have provided you some helpful tools to facilitate the completion of the form.

    Please remember, your Instructional Superintendent MUST BE INVOLVED in this process.

Start and End Bell Time Change Request Tools

  • Bell Time Request Timeline

    Bell Time Request Timeline

    All schools are encouraged to follow the timeline as outlined. As necessary for any Start and End Bell Time option that impacts transportation, the department requires adequate time for evaluating all applicable requirements and ensuring equal access.

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  • Criteria for Requests

    Criteria for Requests

    The criteria will be used to prioritize Start and End Bell Time change requests. Transportation will work with District Leadership to evaluate requests and assess their impact.

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  • Start and End Bell Time Availability

    Start and End Bell Time Availability

    Interested in knowing what options are available for your school? Click to find out more.

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  • Menu of Services Costs for 2019-20 School Year

    Menu of Services Costs for 2019-20 School Year

    The “Menu of Service Fee Schedule” was created to assist schools with cost planning for additional services. The goal of these service rates is for all district and charter schools to pay a reasonable share of the actual cost of the additional services being requested and provided.

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  • FAQs


    Get answers to common questions from schools about the Start and End Bell Time Change Request Process.

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