AL (Assessment Library)

The department formerly known as SEAK (Special Education Assessment Kits) and SEAK on Wheels is now the DPS Assessment Library. The DPS AL supports assessments for many different departments including special education, psychology, social work, speech and language, occupational and physical therapy, gifted and talented and our low-incidence disability team and our new name reflects our broader focus.

  • A Dedicated Delivery Service

    This year, the AL will be delivering assessments through an in-house process. This means that we have much more flexibility with our delivery! During the month of August, we will be delivering assessments to schools every day. As we move into September, we will review the volume of assessments needed and determine the ongoing delivery schedule. If we have a high volume, we will continue frequent deliveries until we slow down with a promise to deliver at least one time per week.
    **As a result of the new delivery service, the AL office will not be open every day for pickups. If you have an emergency situation and need an assessment sooner than the next delivery, please contact our office and we will assist you.**

    Digital Assessment Library (DAL)

    This resource is available to teachers and includes access to two separate digital assessment platforms through Pearson. QInteractive is an assessment platform available to Psychologists, Special Education Teachers, and Speech Language Pathologists. Assessments are given using two iPads, one for the examiner and one to collect responses from the examinee. QGlobal is the second digital assessment platform available. It is available to all specialized service providers to conduct special education assessments. Assessments available will vary based on staff disciplines. Training is required before use and opportunities for training for the Digital Assessment Library (DAL) are available through Learning Space. Our hope is to phase out the use of any paper assessments available through these platforms by the end of the year and move to nearly exclusive use of the digital platforms moving forward.

    In addition to the DAL, the Assessment Library (AL) has purchased a number of laptops to ensure that all assessment scoring can happen at your location rather than coming down to Acoma to score assessments. Please make sure to request a laptop for any assessments that previously required scoring on the computers in the IRC.