• The Career Development Team gives DPS students early and ongoing exposure to a broad range of career options as they learn more about their own passions and interests.

    Work-based learning is a way for students to learn about different careers that align to their passions and Colorado’s highest-opportunity industries and the educational paths that can get students there.

    The DPS Career and College Success Career Development Team partners with industry professionals and higher education institutions to help students explore their career identity, visualize what’s possible, chart a plan for their futures, provide hands-on experience and expand their professional networks through a full-suite of WBL experiences.

    CCS Model

    Students are also introduced to career exploration opportunities in elementary school and continue their discovery, engagement, and planning in middle and high school. Students are also introduced to career exploration opportunities in middle school through high school. Students enrolled in Career and Technical Education classes take the skills they've learned and apply them in the workplace through shadowing, mentoring, internships and apprenticeships.

Career Development Programs