• Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT)


    ASCENT is a 5th year high school program allowing students to attend college full-time for free for one year after high school.  Students in the ASCENT program can attend a participating technical, community, or 4 year college following graduation from high school. 

  • What is ASCENT?


    ACCELERATING STUDENTS THROUGH CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT (ASCENT) is a 5th year high school program funded by the state that allows DPS to pay tuition and fees for one full year of college (fall and spring semesters) for participating students. Students can enroll at one of eight participating colleges and universities (see 'College Partners', below).

    Passed into law in 2009 as an extension of the Concurrent Enrollment program, the purpose of ASCENT is to create a streamlined path for students to earn college credits toward an associate’s degree, bachelor's degree or industry certification...all while saving time and money. Any DPS student can participate in ASCENT the year after graduation if they meet the eligibility requirements of the program.

    The DPS team provides ASCENT students wraparound services including academic, social-emotional and financial support throughout their first year of college to support the critical transition from high school to college. 

  • Eligibility

    Who is Eligible* for ASCENT?

    Students with at least 9 credit hours of college coursework by graduation may be eligible for the ASCENT program. 

    To be eligible for the program, a Year 12 senior must:

    • Submit a completed ASCENT application by the March 1st deadline
    • Meet all DPS high school graduation requirements by end of senior year
    • Complete and pass 9 credit hours of college coursework by the end of senior year (100-level or higher Concurrent Enrollment course w/a C or better and listed on a student’s high school and college transcripts; AP, CLEP, IB transcripted coursework may also count toward the 9 credits with specific exam scores)
    • Apply and be admitted to the college or university you will attend during your ASCENT year (list of partners below)
    • Must be college ready in English and Mathematics in your desired career pathway.

  • College Partners

    ASCENT Program College Partners

    Community Colleges
    · Arapahoe Community College (ACC)
    · Community College of Aurora (CCA)
    · Community College of Denver (CCD)
    · Front Range Community College (FRCC)
    · Red Rocks Community College (RRCC)

    Technical Colleges
    · Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC)
    · Pickens Technical College (PTC)

    · Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU) 

  • Important Dates

    Important Dates

     - November 1 2022: ASCENT Application Opens

     - March 1, 2023: ASCENT Application Deadline

     - April-June 2023: Official offer to join ASCENT emailed to students/counselors who have met eligibility requirements

     - June 30, 2023: Deadline for students to accept/decline an ASCENT slot for 2023-24 school year

  • Application Process

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