• Fall 2020 Testing Update

    DPS ACCUPLACER testing options during COVID-19 restrictions are now available to centrally-managed high schools. Refer to this document for information about in-person and remote testing.  Please email concurrent_enrollment@dpsk12.org with questions.


    ACCUPLACER Classic and ACCUPLACER Next Generation 


    In Denver Public Schools, we believe teaching, learning, and assessment are intimately intertwined allowing teachers to focus on critical thinking skills that meet grade level standards as well as habits of mind that support the development of the whole child. Assessment is part of our strategy, allowing us to measure student success against college and career readiness standards. The assessments we utilize must be purposeful, aligned to standards, and part of a comprehensive plan that empowers students and teachers. We are committed not only to ensuring all students graduate college and career ready, but to preparing them for life and college success by increasing placement into college-level, credit-bearing courses.