What is Your Plan?

  • ICAP lessons are the basic foundation for students in learning and planning their career passions and opportunities and are now a part of graduation requirements. For students to truly graduate career and college ready students must have a set plan that includes career exploration and exposure, knowledge of opportunities and self, and a concrete plan for life after high school! 

Individual Academic and Career Plans (ICAP)

  • Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAPs) is a required multi-year process that guides students and families in the exploration of career, academic and post-secondary opportunities. Starting in sixth grade and continuing throughout high school, students create and update an ongoing plan, supported by adults, in career interests, goal setting, college opportunities, financial aid, and skills that increase academic success. With the support of adults, students develop the awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and skills to create their own meaningful and powerful pathways to be career and college ready.

    Per DPS Policy IKF and IHBK-R, students are required to have a complete and meaningful ICAP to earn their diplomas. ICAP meets the state legislation requirements and is a graduation requirement for students graduating in 2021 and beyond. A complete and meaningful ICAP means that a student has met all learning objectives and completed each question on the My ICAP Survey in Student Portal. Objectives missed by transfer students should be made up to ensure all students benefit from a complete ICAP process. The district-wide tools for this process include MaiaLearning and teacher- or counselor-led lessons.

    ICAP lessons are updated each year with the newest research, resources and admissions information. Materials needed for completion of quarterly lessons may be located on the Post Secondary Readiness/ICAP website on The Commons. ICAPs can be given in a classroom, small group, or individual environment and are meant for students to leave having adapted or clarified their post-secondary plan using the information they have learned. This ongoing process is important to prepare our students to be college and career ready when they graduate.

    For more information on details and requirements regarding ICAPs visit: DPS Policy IHBKRegulation IHBK-R, CDE’s ICAP WebsitePost Secondary Readiness/ICAP on The Commons or email miriam_linden@dpsk12.org.

    Maia Learning is a tool used as the post-secondary planning resource for Individual Career and Academic Plans for 6th through 12th grade. Maia Learning is used by counselors, administrators, and school staff, students and families. Your counselor can verify the features you are authorized to access and can assist you with establishing a new account or resetting your password. For more information on MaiaLearning, visit our MaiaLearning website on the commons.


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