• Launch Internship Program 

    The Launch Program offers professional internships to high school students in order to gain first-hand experience in a high-interest career. Students develop skills and gain valuable experience in internships aligned with ten industry clusters.

  • What are the dates of the Launch Internship Program?

    Fall 2023

    • September 25th - December 8th, 2023
    • 75 - 110 hours per semester
    • 5 - 10 hours per week
    • Virtual, Hybrid, In-Person

    Spring 2024

    • February 5th - May 3rd, 2024
    • 75 - 110 hours per semester
    • 5 - 10 hours per week 
    • Virtual, Hybrid, In-Person

    Summer 2024

    • June 10th - July 19th
    • 110 total hours
    • 20 hours per week
    • Virtual, Hybrid, In-Person

  • How can a student apply for an Internship?

    Students are supported by DPS Navigators. Navigators are school-based staff members who provide additional coaching or counsel to students interested in the Launch Internship, Xplore Industry Exploration, and Apprenticeship Programs. Students should reach out to their Navigator and complete the interest form. Click here to find the complete list of Navigators. Please note that all DPS High Schools do not have a Navigator.

  • What are the requirements of a Launch Internship?

    • All Launch participants are required to complete work-readiness training, called Skills Training for Young Professionals. All students must complete Skills Training prior to their first internship. Training is 4 hours for new interns and is done in person or virtually. Students cannot begin their internship without completing their Skills Training. 
    • Students are required to successfully complete 75-100 internship hours.
    • During our fall and spring internships, students must complete a Presentation of Learning as part of the program requirements. The Navigator should schedule these with the student and supervisor and invite central/school staff as well if possible. POLs are typically hosted in their last week of the internship.
    • Each student can earn up to 1.0 elective units for completing Skills Training, 75 internship hours and a Presentation of Learning (POL) as well as a project incorporated into the internship experience. All paperwork including timesheets signed by the student and supervisor and performance evaluations must be turned in for students to receive full credit for the internship. The number of credits earned is based on the number of internship hours completed. Grading is pass/fail. Please refer to the Denver Public Schools High School Procedures Guide for more information.
    • When budget permits, students are eligible to receive a fellowship grant.


  • Career Development Team
    Emily Griffith Campus
    1860 Lincoln St, 10th Floor
    Denver, CO 80203

    Charlene West
    Manager, Launch Internship Program