• MaiaLearning is used as the post-secondary planning resource for Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP) for 6th through 12th grade students across DPS.  MaiaLearning is used by counselors, administrators, school staff and families.

    What we use MaiaLearning for:

    ICAP Activities 

    • Students will complete a self assessment on Maia that helps them to explore their strengths and interests.
    • Students will build a resume.
    • Students will complete their 4 year academic plan
    • Students will explore career, college and scholarship opportunities.
    • Students will track their college application process and the money earned from scholarships.

    Career Exploration

    • Students take self assessments around interest and personalities and Maia matches their individualized results to possible career options.
    • Students build resumes and portfolios on Maia.
    • Students can explore career options and create a plan on how to achieve their career goals.

    College Applications

    • Students explore college options
    • Students can see scattergrams for each college to see past acceptance rates at each college.
    • Students view and manage their college applications and acceptances.
    • Students can explore scholarship options and track scholarship dollars awarded.
    • Students can sign up for college visits. 
    • Counselors manage the college application process through Maia including sending of documentation and tracking student progress.

    How to access your MaiaLearning Accounts:

    Students can access MaiaLearning through their Student Portal account.  Once logged in to student portal, students select the 'See all Apps' tab located on the top left side of the screen. and then choose the 'MaiaLearning' box.  Students will then be automatically signed into their MaiaLearning account.

    Staff who work for a DPS middle or high school can reach out to their school counselor to gain access.

Have Questions?

  • Reach out to:

    Maia Support:

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    Miriam Linden:

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    Or your school counselor