• Spark Program: Early Career Exploration (Elementary and Middle)

    The DPS Spark Early Career Exploration Program partners with Denver Metro area businesses and organizations to expose middle and elementary school students to professional work environments and inspire students to pursue high-demand, high-wage careers they may never have considered prior to participating. In the Spark program students are introduced to the world of work through off-site industry visits, school-based workshops and career exploration lessons.

  • What grades does the Spark program serve?

    Grades K-5 (Elementary Spark)
    Grades 6-8 (Middle School Spark)

  • What does the Spark program cost?

    Spark is free to all DPS district-managed schools (for charter school fee information
    reach out to Spark Program Manager)

  • What will my school be asked to do to participate?

    Schools will designate a liaison that will meet and coordinate events with our Spark
    Coordinators. Schools will be responsible for coordinating school sides logistics of events (i.e. recruiting
    students, permission slips, ordering sack lunches, etc.)
    Schools will promote our program and events within the school and to school staff

  • What does a Spark event look like?

    ○ Elementary:
    ■ At this level, most schools choose to do school-based workshops that can include
    career exploration lessons, hands-on activities, and guest speakers.

    ○ Middle School:
    ■ At this level, schools can choose to attend off-site industry visits or school-based
    workshops. Both types of events are facilitated with community business
    partners or organizations and can include tours, hands-on activities, and career

  • Are there additional resources I can use in my own classroom?

    The Spark program has several schoology groups with an abundant library of career
    exploration lessons and resources. To access these groups, please reach out to the
    Spark Program Manager.

  • How does my school get involved?

    Please reach out to the Spark Program Manager listed on the right of the screen.


  • Career Development Team
    Emily Griffith Campus
    1860 Lincoln St, 10th Floor
    Denver, CO 80203

    Sondra Osif
    Manager, Early Career Exploration