• Build Your Own Internship 

    The Build Your Own (BYO) Internship is an innovative option designed to empower students to take control of their learning and career development by allowing them to create their own internship experiences. This program is founded on the principle that students learn best when they actively engage with real-world challenges and take ownership of their educational journey. 

    Build Your Own Internship Requirements:

    Students must:

    • Have completed at least 6 high school credits 
    • Have adequate time in their school/personal schedule to complete a 75 hour internship in one semester
    • Be able to complete the program requirements independently or with minimal staff support

    Students can earn .5 units of credit when they: 

    • Complete an internship proposal
    • Submit all required documents with necessary signatures
    • Complete a minimum of 75 internship hours (see table below for units/credits issued for internship hours)
    • Submit one of two academic assignments (Presentation of Learning or Reflection Essay)

    Build Your Own Internship: Course Code 09390


    Number of Units/Credits





    145 1.5

    How To Get Started:

    Students should contact their high school counselor to begin the Build Your Own Internship process. The Build Your Own student flyer can be accessed here. Once a Build Your Own Internship is approved by the school counselor, the student will need to find an internship site and a DPS staff person willing to be their BYO Sponsor. Next, the student can request access to the Build Your Own Google Classroom to access the required forms through Charlene West at charlene_west@dpsk12.net

    For more information, please consult the Build Your Own handbook corresponding with your role:


    DPS Sponsor

    Internship Supervisor

    DPS staff may also consult the DPS High School Procedures Guide for additional information.
    Questions may be directed to Charlene West, Launch Internship Manager at charlene_west@dpsk12.net.

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