• Higher Education Academics (HEA)

    The Higher Education Academics team oversees Advanced Placement, IB, AVID, PSAT/SAT preparation, Concurrent Enrollment, Early College, and the ASCENT program and coordinates the ACCUPLACER and CLEP exams within schools. Our mission is to promote affordable and equitable access to career and college opportunities for all DPS students during their tenure in our district and beyond.

  • EdConnect Program

    EdConnect is a district-wide educational pathway that seeks to develop our current students into our educators of tomorrow. The pathway is designed to respond to the need for more culturally responsive and diverse educators within the district who understand and share the identities and lived experiences of our students.

    Within EdConnect, students engage in academically rigorous and culturally relevant coursework while earning high school and college credit in the process. In addition, the work-based learning component of the pathway allows students to participate in hands-on service to gain the vital experience needed to be an effective educator. By working in our schools alongside expert mentor teachers and educators, EdConnect students are able to cultivate the necessary skills and tools to be successful during their postsecondary education and eventual career within the district.

    EdConnect creates a direct pipeline for DPS to hire its graduates, addressing the pressing need for more racially diverse and culturally responsive educators, while simultaneously providing our students with an opportunity to pursue a high demand, well paying, respected profession as a member of Team DPS.

    It is important to note that EdConnect is currently undergoing redesign and is shifting from being a school-specific program to a district-wide initiative.

    For more information about EdConnect, please contact Tara Schneider, tschnei@dpsk12.net.


  • Higher Education Academics
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  • Scott Burke
    Higher Education Academics Director
    CE|Early College|P-Tech|ASCENT
    CLEP|EdConnect|AVID|IB|AP|CCS specialists

    Nathalie Valencia
    Program Manager, College Readiness Systems AP|IB|AVID

    Tara Schneider, M.A.
    Senior Manager, Higher Education Academics

    Kelly Gilmore
    HE Pathways Manager
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    Alena "Lenny" Jimenez
    Concurrent Enrollment Manager