DoTS Training Library

  • Educators work on computers.

    The DoTS Training Team offers a variety of classes, videos and online user documentation. Certain DPS applications require certification prior to system access. 

    Click below to view the certification process, online courses and resources.  If you need further assistance, please contact the DoTS Hotline.

  • Certification Process / Security Access

    To begin a course, click the link and login with your DPS Credentials, click “Enroll Me” and begin the Course. Click here (.pdf) for directions on how to log in to Moodle.

    For Certification courses you must print your course certificate and have Supervisor Approval sent to the (non-charters) or to (charters) to gain Security Access in Infinite Campus.

    Please note, Paraprofessionals can complete Infinite Campus Certifications for professional development, but Security Access will not be granted to an employee identified as Paraprofessional.

  • Infinite Campus Certification Training

    • General Overview (Informational): Non-Certificate course, provides you with an overview to the Infinite Campus System, the certification process and the most commonly used sections and features of Infinite Campus. (Primary User: Any Infinite Campus user; Last updated: August 2016)
    • Enrollment Certification: Learn how to add or create a person, enroll a student, and enter the ELA district required information within Infinite Campus. (Primary User: Office Professional; Last updated: April 2017)
    • Household Certification: Learn how to create a household, add phone number, address, members, define relationship and non-household relationships in Infinite Campus. Prerequisite: Enrollment (Primary User: Office Professional; Last updated: May 2018)
    • Attendance Certification: Learn how to use the different attendance tools from daily attendance to creating custom templates on the attendance messenger and the attendance wizard. (Primary User: Office Professional, Assistant Principal; Last updated: May 2018)
    • Behavior Management Certification: Learn how to accurately enter Behavior information, including Behavior Incidents and Type One Interventions. (Primary User: Disciplinarian Leaders; Last updated: September 2016)
    • Behavior Referrals and Type One Interventions (Informational): Learn how and when to create a Type One Intervention or a Behavior Referral. (Primary User: Users who enter Type One Interventions and/or Behavior Referrals; Last updated: September 2016)
    • Elementary School Scheduling Certification: Learn to view, create, and modify course sections as well as fully scheduling students using the Walk-in Scheduler tool. (Primary User: Office Professional; Last updated: May 2016)
    • Walk-In Scheduling Certification: Learn to use the Walk-in Scheduler tool to add and drop course sections for individual students. (Note: The School Master Scheduler must create, modify or delete course sections.) (Primary User: Secondary Counselors; Last updated: April 2018)
    • Master Scheduling Certification: Learn to build a Master Schedule, including creating student requests, building sections, adding teachers and rooms and more! Prerequisite: Walk-In Scheduling (Primary User: Secondary Master Schedulers; Last updated: April 2017)
    • Transcript Entry Certification: Learn how to enter transcripts from transfer students, as well as how to treat PE Waivers and grade change requests. (Note: You must be recommended by a school leader and attend an in-person training to earn certification) (Primary User: Secondary Office Professionals; Last updated: April 2018)
    • Campus Instruction: Schoology Course Access Code: B88J4-WCXX5. This training was built by the Portal team and focuses on Gradebook, Teacher Messenger, Attendance, Rosters, Seating Charts, Student groups and more! (Primary User: Teacher; Last updated: August 2017). 
    • Ad Hoc Reporting (Informational): Learn the basics to Ad Hoc Reporting with Infinite Campus created resources. Be sure to login with your CampusID! (Primary User: All; Last updated: September 2017)
    • Communicating with Messenger (Informational): Non-Certificate course, provides you with an overview of the Infinite Campus Messenger, how to prepare and send messages, and how to record a voice message. (Primary User: Office Professional; Last updated: March 2018). 

  • Parent and Student Portal Password Reset (SSPM) Certification

    • Parent and Student Portal Password Reset (SSPM) Certification: Learn how to reset a parent and/or students' password using DPS' password reset tool (Self-Service Password Management-SSPM). Please note, this course is not designed for Employee password reset. Employees can reset their own password by following the directions here (.pdf). For directions logging in and the certification process please click here (.pdf). (Primary User: STRs, Office Support, DoTS Hotline and Site Support; Last updated: February 2017)

  • Microsoft Applications

    • Outlook Web Access (.pdf): Learn how to access your DPS Outlook email from anywhere.
    • Microsoft Office: Browse the Microsoft Office Training Center for resources.
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Find resources for site members and site administrators. Individual team sites require a certified site administrator and can be requested from the DoTS Hotline. Sign in with DPS credentials and click "Enroll Me" to begin. 

  • Resources