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    Infinite Campus Ad Hoc Reporting

    There are two different tools in Infinite Campus that you can use to access data using Ad Hoc reporting; Data Viewer and Filter Designer. Please see below for a description of these tools, levels of access, and guides to help you successfully use Ad Hoc reporting functions in your everyday work. For more information about which of these tools will work best for you, see the Ad Hoc Reporting Tool Comparison Guide.

  • Data Viewer

    The Data Viewer is a user-friendly report building tool which allows users to drag and drop fields into a real-time view of the report as it is being built. This tool is used primarily for building basic reports that are not shared with others and have limited export options. 

    For more information regarding how to use this tool, see the Support Documentation section below. 

    Access Requirements

    This access is automatic based upon your role and location assignment with the district. Most current DPS employees with an Infinite Campus login already have access to use Data Viewer. If you do not have the ability to see the Data Viewer selection in Infinite Campus, it is likely that your current role does not require this access. 

    Important Note: In Data Viewer, you will be able to select all fields available in the Field Selection list; however, your report will only populate data if you already have access to those fields in Infinite Campus. For example, you can add the selection for Enrich, however if you do not have access to the Enrich tab in Infinite Campus, your report will not generate any results.


    Support Documentation

  • Filter Designer

    The Ad Hoc Reporting Filter Designer is a robust tool that allows you to save, share, and export the filters you create. You can filter, display, report, and share specific database information based on defined criteria.

    Access Requirements

    It is no longer necessary to request access from DoTS. Successful completion of the Infinite Campus Filter Designer eLearning will set an automated process into motion: 

    This process will take at least two business days from when you complete the Infinite Campus - Filter Designer course but is dependent upon a timely response from your principal or manager.

    If after two full business days, you have not been granted access, please reach out to DoTS.


    Recertification Requirements

    Beginning SY 2023-24, Ad Hoc - Filter Designer access is valid for two school years at a time. To ensure you are up-to-date with possible changes to the Filter Designer process, or updates to Infinite Campus, you will be required to complete a short quiz to maintain your access. For instance, if you complete this certification in August 2023, you will need to recertify in spring 2025 or lose your access at the end of June 2025.

    Failure to complete required recertification(s) in a timely manner will result in loss of access until you complete them. Recertification is required to regain access and is available only to those who still meet other above-listed requirements.

    Support Documentation


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