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    Infinite Campus Attendance

    The IC Attendance module contains all tools necessary to properly enter student attendance information, maintain historical attendance records, and generate reports and letters related to student attendance.

  • School-based Employee Access

    • Must be in a Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean or Office Professional role at a school (access is not available to any other school-based role.)

    • Must complete the Infinite Campus - Attendance 2024-25 certification in Learning Space.

    Once these requirements are met, access to IC Attendance should be granted automatically within two business days (sometimes sooner) with no need to manually request access. (If, after two full business days, you have not been granted access, please reach out to DoTS.) 

  • Central Office Employee Access

  • Recertification Requirements

    Access is valid for three school years at a time.

    To ensure you are up-to-date with possible changes to the Attendance process, or updates to Infinite Campus, Attendance access will be removed for all users at the end of every third school year. (For instance, if you completed this certification anytime during SY 23-24, you will need to recertify in spring 2026 or lose your access at the end of June 2026. If you complete this certification anytime during SY 24-25, you will need to recertify in 2027.) Recertification is required to regain access and is available only to those who still meet other above-listed requirements.

    Failure to complete required recertifications in a timely manner will result in loss of access until you complete them. In addition, any change in job role or location may impact your access as will departure from and returning to employment at DPS.

  • Support Documentation



    • Attendance Reason Report - Use this report to show the reasons students are absent from your school from a given period of time.
    • Daily Detail Report - Use this report to show the absences throughout the year for one student.


    Note: The Attendance Certification was updated summer 2023 with required new information pertaining to Online Absence Request Processing. Anyone who had access to edit Attendance in IC has lost that access as of July 7, 2023, and only those who meet the new access criteria above will be able to regain access again.


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