Software Approval & Purchasing

  • If you are looking to use or purchase software at Denver Public Schools, you are in the right place!

    Before making a request

    Before requesting software for approval please review the following to see if there is an approved software tool to meet your needs. It’s possible that we’ve already found a tool and you can save yourself the time it takes to research everything available. These documents are updated all the time and include pre-approved and unapproved tools and alternatives.

    If the software tool you are looking for is not in the documents above, the next step is to submit a software approval request via DoTS Help. All purchases must follow Board of Education Policy DJA-R.

    Before opening the request, please prepare the following information:

    1. Name of the Software:
    2. URL/Website:
    3. What device/app type will the product be used on? (PC, Chrome, iOS, MacOS, Web Based)
    4. What need does this software fill for you and your team?
    5. Who do you expect to use this software?
    6. How many people do you expect to use the software?
    7. Will this software be used with students or student data? If so, how?

      If the software is not free, please also research the following:

    8. What is the cost and model or frequency of the software? (i.e $ annually, $ per month, $ per user)
    9. Your contact at the company (Name and email address) who can answer questions about the software and receive contracts.
    10. Which budget will be funding this tool?
    11. Do you have ongoing funding for the purchase of this tool?
    12. Who is your financial specialist so that we can include them in the approval process update communications?

    What to expect

    Once you submit your request, it will be routed through the process below:
    6 step process: Submit Software Request, Ed Tech Review, DoTS Review, Legal Review, DPA Collection, Submit Requisition
    *Ed Tech review is for Instructional software only

    The software approval process can take up to 5 weeks or more during peak request periods, not including time to collect and sign a Data Protection Addendum (step 5).

    Once you receive approval, attach a copy of the approval email to your requisition in Oracle. Approval is required before purchase, use or installation of software.

    Why do we have a software approval procces?

    The software approval process benefits all of DPS as it helps us:
    Provide student & staff data; Quality tools for student learning & business needs, Comply with laws, Be fiscally responsible



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