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    Infinite Campus Walk-In Scheduling

    IC Walk-in Scheduling access will enable users to add and drop course sections for individual students and is a prerequisite course for both Elementary Scheduling and/or Secondary Scheduling access. Note: To update course sections (including creation or modification), you must also complete the Elementary Scheduling and/or Secondary Scheduling Certifications.

  • Did You Lose Your Access?

    With the implementation of new recertification requirements, you may have recently lost your Walk-in Scheduling access if you did not complete the required recertification quiz at the end of the last school year or if your role has recently changed.  

    The only way to regain access now is to meet all "Access Requirements" listed below (which includes completing the Walk-in Scheduling eLearning in full.)

  • Access Requirements

    • Should be in an Office Professional or School Counselor role. However, this access is available to any school-based employee with Principal or Manager approval. 
    • Must complete the Walk-In Scheduling Certification in Learning Space. 
    • Must have Principal or Manager approval. 

    Once these requirements are met, access to IC Walk-in Scheduling should be granted automatically within two business days (sometimes sooner) with no need to manually request access. (If, after two full business days, you have not been granted access, please reach out to DoTS.)

  • Recertification (Access Renewal)

    IC Walk-in Scheduling access is valid for two school years at a time, to ensure all users are up-to-date with any changes to the Walk-in Scheduling process or to IC itself. That means that every other year, you will be required to complete a recertification quiz (or sometimes a full eLearning) to keep your access. Failure to complete required recertifications in a timely manner will result in loss of access. In addition, any change in job role or location may impact your access as will departure from and returning to employment at DPS.

    If you had access to this area of IC in the past, you must meet all posted access requirements to regain access. Review both "Did You Lose Your Access?" and "Access Requirements" above to find out how to reacquire your access.

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