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    The DoTS Partner program is an option for high-quality, dedicated in-building technical support. DoTS Partners are school-funded and DoTS-managed support positions. By having these support positions managed by the DoTS department with day-to-day direction at the school level, schools can benefit from:

    • Time saved from hiring, administration, and oversight
    • A standard skillset
    • Improved device accountability
    • Improved back-up support
    • A standard delivery approach for staff technical support PD

    The DoTS Partner position is designed to provide the optimal amount of dedicated in-building tech support to our schools. The current structure provides 20 hours of support per school, per week (each is responsible for two schools). These 20 hours were identified by current elementary DoTS Partners as the amount of time needed per week to most effectively support their schools. 

    A DoTS Partner is a school-funded position. As a result of the voter-approved 2016 Bond and Mill Levy, more money will be available for technology and technology supports in the coming year. With the increase in technology, there will be an increased need for tech support. As such, formal guidance will be provided to the schools regarding funding allocation and usage recommendations, including ensuring sufficient in-building technical support. Schools may choose to leverage a portion of recurring Mill Levy funds to purchase this support option, potentially freeing general funds budget for other needs.

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