• DoTS Intake

    In order to provide better customer service to all departments, the DoTS Intake is merging with DoTS Self Service. You can enter all of your DoTS requests in one place now. Follow this link to browse around DoTS Self Service, or follow one of the links below, to enter into the exact area for a specific type of request. Thank you for your patience during this transition.


    Build a Customer Software Application Icon

    Build a Custom Software Application: Request a custom software application to be built.

    Portal Alert Request

    Report Request: Request New Report.

    Existing Report Icon

    Existing Report Request:  Report Bug, Enhancement, or Maintenance for Existing Report.

    Existing Custom Software

    Existing Custom Software Application: Report Bug, Enhancement, or Maintenance of Existing Custom Software Application. 

    SQL Server Icon

    SQL Server Database Request: Request for SQL Server Database.

    Purchase District Software Icon

    Request to Purchase District Software: Request to purchase Software by a Central Office Department.