District Policies and Guidelines

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    DPS District Network Use Policies

    Employees should review and are expected to understand and follow district policies for the use of the DPS network, email, social networking, and internet use for DPS. The district reserves the right and will access stored records with or without reasonable cause to assure compliance with these policies.  


    Prohibited Use of the DPS Network

    The District reserves the right to take immediate action regarding any activity that may create security and/or safety issues for the District and its students, employees, schools, or District System; or device as defined in this policy, or expend District resources on content if the District, in its sole and absolute discretion, determines to lack legitimate educational content/purpose, or other activities deemed inappropriate. 

    The following activities are expressly prohibited:

    • Using the district's network for any or in support of an illegal or obscene activity, and/or inappropriate use.
    • Using the district's network for any inappropriate non-district-related business and/or commercial purpose, product advertising, or support of any political or lobbying activity.
    • Providing access to the district's network to unauthorized users.
    • Sharing electronic mail account passwords, leaving passwords available in obvious locations, or leaving "signed on" computers unattended.
    • Allowing minors to access inappropriate material on the Internet.
    • Disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal information regarding minors.
    • Communication conducted over the district's network is not private and district staff may, in conducting network supervision and maintenance, review and inspect directories or messages. 


    More Information

     Please see the additional selections on the left for other specific policies.



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